iTunes 7 does not suck.

iTunes 7 was just slapped into both my Apples, and while I’m sure there’s plenty of features I still haven’t explored (new ones, old ones, who’s really keeping track anyway?) I can tell you this, and it inherits part of its qualification from previous tellings of the same thing: iTunes (in this case version 7) does not suck.
If you don’t already have it (like, if, for some reason you keep your software updates turned off or something equally odd, like you use Windows), you should instantly run and get it. Never mind, just click here. Running is exhausting anyway.
So, what makes it so not-sucky? The new(ish) interface is slickened up a bit, updated slightly, with loads of sweet new buttons. Man, remember back in the day, when brushed aluminum was all the rage? Yeah, I’ve tried to forget those days too.
Three new views, downloadable album art (i.e. iTunes finally grabs the album art for you, instead of relying on all those third party apps that sort of never really actually worked), and (from what I read) soon-to-come on-demand videos. For those of us that actually blew a wad on an iPod Video and don’t spend gross amounts of time just ripping DVDs. So that’s potentially pretty exciting. I’m sure there’s more – I really don’t delve too deeply into all the hidden features of iTunes because I mainly use it for what it was originally intended: playing music.
So back to the whole reason that iTunes doesn’t suck: the interface. It has always been, and will always be, an unbelievably sweet piece of software not because it plays music (there’s a lot of those) but because the interface is so darned good. And now they seem to have improved it somewhat, making it a bit more album-centric (which is great compared to the unmanageable mess that having 15,000 songs or whatever can become.)
Man, those new views are just sweet. Especially that ‘flip through your album covers’ view. Fast, efficient, and with a high neato factor. Color me impressed (and happy.)

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