It’s my birthday!

Yes, yes, I know. It’s a little crazy and self-important to be announcing your own birthday, but it’s possible (in fact, likely) that the vast majority of humanity doesn’t have my birthday programmed into their PDA’s/phones/calendars/whatever, so it’s necessary for me to put up this little ‘reminder’. Yes. I’m not even sure how many of my friends actually remember this very important date… hah.
Kentucky, or rather, the Red River Gorge, is out of control. Beautiful, pristine, fulla climbers and more routes than you can possibly shake a stick at. Special thanks to Shaunna for this particularly incredible birthday present, and getting me out here. I admit, I wasn’t expecting the Red to be as cool as the New, but the Red is pretty dang spectacular. Miguel’s is definitely as good as advertised – I highly recommend it to any and all climbers getting their groove on in this area (and if you’re a climber, you’ll know all about Miguel’s, so this is hardly an effective plug.)
I saw a 4WD vanagon today. Mmmmmmmm. Tasty. Full camper, full kitchen, the whole nine yards. And all-wheel-drive. And we *all* know how The Jose obsesses over all-wheel-drive.
So Happy Birthday to me, today, and happy climbing. More the next time the wireless connection is up n’ running. Pictures? Of course. They’ll have to be put into the photo gallery once I get back though.

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