It’s been a while…

Been crazy busy the past few… weeks?
Putting up a few new projects, but the most exciting right now is the spanking new, spankingly delicious South Florida Dubs.
Geared to the Volkswagen and Audi enthusiasts in South Florida, this site offers all kinds of resources to the VAG community, including forums and videos. Lots of fun for everyone.
But it’s taking up a lot of my time. Eating it up like a ravenous creature. Crunch crunch, yum yum.
Jo decided I wasn’t worth it. That’s the problem with kids these days: no patience! No matter. I’ve got too much on my plate as it is. I’m not into the idea of anything more serious than “Hi.”
I’m so behind on the photo gallery, it’s not even funny. I have like, 15 galleries to put up. I’ll do it, I promise! I’m not liking the “new” style gallery, so I think I’m going to put ‘er down and stick with Coppermine. It’s easy to use, and people seem to like it more.

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