Installing GIMP 2.7.x on Fedora

GIMP 2.7 is faaaan-tastic.  Huge leap forward, I really can’t wait for 2.8.  Sure it’s a little buggy here and there but the overall experience is great.  And it’s got single-window mode, a feature that I’m a big fan of.

So you’ve got Fedora and you want to install GIMP 2.7?  You gotta hunt around in Google a bit to get this info, so I decided I’d just compile it into one post cuz I’m like, nice or something.

First: Go to /usr/etc/yum.repos.d/

Type in:

sudo wget

If you don’t have wget installed, don’t worry: the shell will ask you if you’d like to install it so you can use it.  So considerate and friendly!  I remember when Linux used to yell at you for using unknown commands.  “Stupid noob! Why would you type that command?  I clearly don’t undersand it!”

Anyway, say yes.  Then try it again.  It’ll output some lines and tell you how successful it was.

Fire up Add/Remove and type in GIMP.  Select it for installation.  Alternatively you could also just type in (because hey, you’re already typing, might as well do it all):

sudo yum install gimp

Once done, fire up the GIMP and bask in the glory.  But wait, it’s still the same old GIMP!  Go to Windows->Single Window Mode.  Hooray for SWM!  It’s so fancy!  So clean!  So much less of a pain in the ass to use!  I actually kind of enjoy beating my head against GIMP now while I continue to struggle with it in my efforts to replace Photoshop.  It really is so many steps closer.

Hope this helps someone, someday.

Okay, back to work.