Hello Moto

Day two of my new job with Motorola has begun with a bang. A sloppy wet bang. The Jeep, which I’ve slowly started to despise, is literally just a bathtub on wheels. Driving to work shouldn’t require goggles and a snorkel. I’ve put serious consideration into wearing swim trunks to work. Or drilling extra drains into the floorboards (which should help a bit.)
So I get to work, moistened to the core and ready to roll out a fancy shmancy website in high style. Not bad.
Motorola is pretty intense place – the campus is huge. There’s cafeterias, gyms, clowns, daycare centers. It’s like some crazy anime floating city. Color me impressed. Moto’s marketing is pervasive; the hallways have lots of Motorola posters, there’s full-on displays with old technology, new technology, up-and-coming technology. It really is pretty darned sweet. There’s even production lines. For some reason, that makes me smile inside.
Don’t get me wrong – it’s still a cubicle city. But interestingly enough, it’s not as bad as all that. And the WIG (Web Intelligence Group) gets the mad flava: we share one really enormous cubicle, a desk at each corner. The 4 corners of creativity, that’s us.
Just like any place this big, the bureaucracy is a little cumbersome – I’m still waiting on my ID and badge, my workstation’s still being imaged, etc. Still, it’s not too bad, and in the meantime I get it done on the flaptop. The workstation’s a beast though, so I’m looking forward to pushing that around.
Gotta get me some coffee. I wonder which corner of this million (yes, million) square foot facility dispenses the caffeine?

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