Hello, hello…

…I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say “hello.”
I sang that to a girl once. She said goodbye, regardless of how many hellos I threw out. Or maybe I was the one that said goodbye on that one…? I don’t remember, it was so long ago. Stopped serenading chicks after that one, though.
Ack, there’s so much going on. Beginning to feel frazzled again, I think, in this mad scramble to make sense out of it all.
On the positive side, I’ve streamlined a lot of things. I’ve reworked my schedule to get my climb on again. I’d slowed down to once a week (if I was lucky), and I realize that I’m just not as strong as I was just a few months ago. Not by a long shot. The technique is mostly there, but it’s like I’d forgotten how to push myself. Lazy climbing? Yeap. Apparently it’s possible.
So last night I pushed myself at Coral Cliffs. Not a lot (don’t want to injure myself just yet), but I jumped on a couple of bitchy climbs. Yellow 5.10 went down after a few attempts, the hardest part is doing a sorta hand-to-foot match and then climbing up the chimney. Chris does set the best routes, though…
Gotta lose weight. Gotta gain strength. Gotta climb harder. That’s the mission.
Heaven’s gonna burn your eyes…

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