Harry’s pregnant again.

No, that’s not totally correct: Harry and Christina are pregnant again! Fantastic news from across the country (those bastards live about as far as they can from me without moving across an ocean – although some might consider that a very wise move indeed.) I’m stoked for another Porudominsky kid to play with.
Admittedly, it *is* weird to see people that you’ve known for so long do things like, you know, get married, have kids, get all domestic an’ stuff. Freaky. But it’s a really good thing, and I’m extremely happy for them. Congratulations to them!
But how does little Alex (their current child) feel about this? In an interview, he was quoted as saying “If it’s a boy, he must be called Johnson. If it’s a girl, you shall name her Susan.” (I wonder if he said that with an English accent?) His parents have other ideas for names, but Alex is holding his ground like the Spartans at Thermopylae: “If it’s not Susan or Johnson, the baby will hate the name, because it’s simply not normal.”
Oh, Alex, you’re such a little scamp! Whatever the child’s name in the end, I’m sure it’ll be sweet. Like Thor. Or Grog.

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