Happy birthday to… my… blog…..

A year after the first entry into my blog, and I’m still not making any sense. Just goes to show there’s no improving on perfection. October 10th, 2005 I wrote about alligators and pythons, and today, I’m writing about… alligators and pythons.
Technically, I’ve been keeping a blog (in some shape or another) since 2003, but (for a variety of reasons) I never really kept track of the entries, deleted them, lost them, threw them out, ate ’em up, chewed ’em out, killed them, forgot them, and so much more. So yeah, there’s at least a couple of years of lost random thoughts that nobody will every enjoy, but that’s okay – I have so many more years to come up with new and exciting random crap for *everyone* to enjoy! Everyone being, of course, all 5 people who come around here.
So to these fine people, and the millions more that will no doubt find their way here and wonder “what the…?” I say “Happy Birthday!”
And how.

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