Good gas vs bad gas…

Sierra Club Report
Amazingly enough, this post isn’t about flatulence, but it is about passing gas. Apparently, the Sierra Club has decided to judge oil companies and come up with a sort of ‘rating system’ to help you figure out which oil companies are the ‘good’ ones, and which are the horrible, mustache-wearing ‘bad’ ones. I understand that certain oil companies (i.e. Exxon) are exceptionally insensitive to the needs of the environment – but they are an enormous, enormous company, and they’re not particularly well organized. They came about well before many of the newer companies, and their infrastructure doesn’t seem well-designed to deal with the rigors of modern energy-conservation and environmental concerns. Companies like BP, on the other hand, have proven themselves to be agile and very market-driven. People want to feel less bad about driving 8 mpg Hummers, they buy BP gas.
But it’s all hype, and it’s all driven by their respective marketing departments. The BP logo is even a green/yellow sunburst flower thing. You feel greener just pulling into it. But if you read the Sierra Club’s report, even though BP is the ‘top of the barrel’, they have plenty of black marks, including running the highest-polluting plant in the world. So really I just get the feeling that this report is less about empirical data, and more about ‘how green is their marketing initiative?”
On the plus side, at least the oil companies at the top of the barrel are saying that they’re gonna do something about it.
Read the Sierra Club article here.
In even more ecologically-enhanced news (I must be on some kind of green kick here…) check this out. I’m even thinking of submitting a design. Either way, take a look at the gallery, because there’s some seriously neat designs there!

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