Geekin’ out

Fun times with software. In the interest of maintaining a healthy geek gland, and because six apart finally got off their asses and made their software more accessible (at least removing some of the limitations of their free package), I think I might make the migration back to Movable Type.
It’s a good package with an awesome interface, and it’s perl based. I can dig it. So the geek gland will get a workout, maybe tonight.
Just as geeky is the fact that I’m writing this blog entry from my sidekick. I realize that I’m probably one of the only males in the world that uses one of these things, but the way I see it, it’s a blackberry-lite. And I really didn’t want to deal with the added expense and hassle of a blackberry. That’s not even poking at the recent denial of appeal and impending injunction against RIM.
But that’s a whole other story. Right now I’m picking up some Tijuana Flats for the family… Mmmmm… Chimichangas!

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