Finally. Social networking done right.

Really, social networking via the morass of different websites is just… wrong.  Really, there should be a unifying, underlying network that connects all these different sites and networks into one giant interconnected web.  Like the interweb.  Yeah. 

Enter FOAF and XFN.  Old-school precursors to Google’s new Social Web API, which is in and of itself a pretty darned cool step forward.  There’s lots of resources on FOAF, XFN, and the Social Web API, so go hit up Google and knock yourself out.  If you can’t see the implications of these technologies, then I know a sheepherder that’ll take good care of you. 

I, for one, am going to thank Ryan Porter for showing me this so many years ago (before MySpace and all that noise).  At the time I definitely saw the potential, but I wasn’t on-point enough to see where it was going.  Now, many years later, it’s all just so painfully obvious.  So kudos to you, RAP, for being one far-sighted guy.  Hope you’re still surfing the Government Cut, dude!

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