Sometimes, while cruising around the net, you run into something that is truly fascinating even when out of context. I ran into this website, which features found art and photography.
Prosthetic limbs are fascinating in and of themselves – the processes by which they exist and function are pretty incredible. I’ve never really taken a particularly long look at any given prosthesis (you don’t want to get caught staring, after all!) but inevitably, we all want to look. Modern prosthetics being what they are, these photos of the technology are probably unbelievably dated – but they are unbelievably well taken and serve to show just how the technology really works, including some idealized shots of prosthesis in action, allowing these victims of hand grenades from World War 2 to resume a ‘normal’ life.
The contrast and starkness of the photography is engrossing in and of itself, but the subject matter – even completely out of context – is fascinating. View the whole collection here.

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