Downtime, triple entries, and Geekologie.

The site has been down for reasons unknown to me, and I’m quite sure they’re related to the host.  Fortunately, the host doesn’t usually fail – their track record isn’t perfect, but it’s close enough for me – so I’ll cut ’em a little slack.  There’s only been a couple of situations where Dreamhost didn’t resolve downtime within reasonable periods of time.  This wasn’t one of them.  But it was long enough for me to notice.  Pah.

Second on the list in this most recent comedy of errors was the magic triple-entries debacle.  For some reason, MT4 decided to post three copies of my last entry.  Now, I can understand that MT4 recognized my spectacular writing and decided that such a valuable entry as my eulogy to Savvydata should be printed three times (for effect), but I have much better things to say (and what’s it gonna do then, huh?  Put 12 copies of it?)  No, sir, I’m thinking that this is an error that needs to be rectified, snap quick.  Unfortunately (I’m not sure for whom, but unfortunately for someone) I’m not sure the error is actually in MT4 or if it’s human error.  Because I’m perfect in every way, I’m going to assume it’s an issue with MT4 and that the programmers at Six Apart have simply made a mistake.  Fortunately, my perfection has given me the skills to: 1. Pay the bills and 2. Fix the issue.  So no more triple entries.

Finally, there’s geekologie.  Here’s a few links that should keep you occupied and interested, if not laughing out loud:

Han Solo gets replaced in carbonite.

The most incredible Motorola phone, ever! (and I would know, I work at Moto.)

And finally, this is a pretty darned sweet online toy store.  It reminds me of Tate’s… only with more crap, and they actually sell stuff online, which Tate’s doesn’t.  For some reason.

Anyway, tonight I’m going to watch Sunshine.  Heard it’s pretty badassed.  Can’t wait.

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