DJ Shadow, turntablism, and the site opens a new section

How can you not like DJ Shadow? Easy. You don’t like awesome turntablism.

Thing is, people like DJ Spooky and the really hard-core turntablists like the Scratch Pickles and the Xecutioners really make it hard to listen to the stuff – there’s so much staccato scritching and scratching breaking up the rythms and the mix just sounds mish-mashed. Sometimes that’s really cool, and technically super impressive. Sometimes it just gives you a headache.

Then there’s DJ Shadow. His screamingly smooth turntable work is so incredible you can’t help but groove to it, and it’s technically… so perfect. The man just mixes it all up in all the right ways. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself. Grab up any of his albums and you’ll get his production work (great stuff in itself), but if you can find any of his work with Cut Chemist, or anything live, his work is out of control. Just got my hands on “Product Placement”, a collaboration between Shadow and Cut Chemist, and I can’t say enough good things about it. Granted – you *do* have to have something of a taste for breakbeats, and you really have to like a pretty wide variety of music (they mix all kinds of music from every genre), but if you can keep a slightly open mind, it’s gotta be the most gangsta tunes I’ve listened to in a *while*. And I listen to a lot of music.

Aside from gushing over a badassed DJ that we’ve all known about and heard about and listened to since the 90’s, I’ve added a special new section to the site. It’ll house writings. All kinds of writings, of course: shorts, micros, whatever else I write. I’m also going to put out a couple of additional sections, including a photo gallery for my vast repository of photographic evidence of miscreant activity, and a section just for professional stuff. That’ll leave this (main) blog for all the juicy entries that constitute my exciting existence.

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