Decentralization rules.

I’m a big fan of the concept of decentralization. To this end, I’ve tried to decentralize as much as possible… well, okay, as much as I’m comfortable with, anyway. I wish there were a way to run my favorite editors on a thumbdrive, for example, but I digress.
One of my little crusades is to find online storage methods that don’t suck. I recently tried out Mozy. There’s a free version that gets you 2GB of space (that’s a nice chunk of space, right?)… the catch is that you have to install their backup software. It’s not a bad plan, so I tried it out. But it doesn’t work through Proxies unless you use their ‘pro’ version, which costs money (of course.) Suddenly, I’m not a fan. But if you’re not behind a proxy, it might be cool – give it a shot, and let me know how it goes. Maybe I’ll try to use it on my mac.
In other, unrelated news: here’s another reason why we need better defined gun control laws. One can argue that thanks to our relatively relaxed laws, a 71 year old man was able to defend himself and kill an armed assailant (and critically wound the other.) By the same token, you could say that if we had stronger gun control, the assailants might not have been armed. Then again, if they were robbing Subway with knives, I doubt the older gentleman would have been able to defend himself, even if he were armed with a very large knife himself. So, one might deduce that the fact that guns are so readily available is what saved him. Of course, if the 71-year-old had acquired the gun through legal channels (which apparently he did), then he would’ve had a gun, and the assailants knives, and then there would’ve been one of those ‘like-force’ situations, where the older gentleman wouldn’t have been able to use his firearm because the assailants weren’t armed similarly.
Oh, it’s confusing, isn’t it? It could go either way, right? The sad thing about this is that somebody died. They died during a robbery that might’ve garnered them what, maybe 20 or 30 dollars? One man’s life has a price tag of less than a video game. Nice. This isn’t the wild west – people shouldn’t be involved in shootouts.
To put this a little in perspective, and why it’s at the forefront of my mind: that Subway is the same Subway we go to nearly every day for lunch. Maybe I need to start packing heat too?

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