Crash test dummy…

So I binked a curb in my car. I was tooling along, cruising down SR-84, tried to come around the underpass to head back west, and lost the rear. Sand, dirt, gravel, shit. Tons of crap probably caused that breakout.
But wait, there’s more!
So the all-wheel-drive kicks in, the rear catches. The front then breaks loose because of the angle, or the alignment of the planets, or just because I’m that unlucky. Farkin’ terrible. The front end swings straight across and binks the curb. The rear hops up and over, and I pull a sweet Dukes Of Hazzard in the dirt, kick up all kinds of junk, peel over the curb, and stall out in the middle of the road.
All very exciting.
And then Mark comes around the corner. As I watched him take the corner and figured I was about to eat the frontend of a VW, he managed to pop the curb and miss me by about 6 inches.
Now I gotta get severe amounts of bodywork and suspension work done. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best possible resolution of a crappy situation.

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