Coming up on that time…

Sometimes, you just know when it’s time. And right now, I think it might just be about that time. It’s totally okay, though, there’s no enmity or bad blood. In fact, it’s been three years of dedicated work, lots of good times and harrowing times, and everything in between. I’m just looking forward to some new experiences, some growth, and (of course), more good times. In the meantime, I do what I do. And that’s the joy of it.
Today wasn’t terrible, although I definitely feel a bit of the ol’ stress. K likes to say the ol’ salesman’s motto “You’re only as good as what you did yesterday, not a month ago, not a year ago.” That’s great, except in my world, success can be (and usually is) measured in terms of months and years, so it’s not as applicable as you’d think. Unfortunately, The Powers are all salesmen. Great, just great. It’s amusing, though, how once you’ve achieved expected goals once, suddenly you’re expected to achieve those goals ever faster. I wish it were that formulaic!
Phew! Two missions tonight… one, I must get S some coffee. It’s important that she be caffienated properly on work evenings such as this one. Two, I must find Namco Museum for the PS2. S has a great little unit that contains some ancient ROM of the original Pac-Man, which is fine and all, but not when I know full well that there exists in the world a licensed version of the original Namco ROM on a PS2 disc. It contains not only Pac-Man, but Ms Pac-Man… and Galaga! Let the good times begin! I’m excited – even if it is a total throwback. 14 classis 80’s games. 20 bucks. That’s a buck and a bit per game. I spend well over that every time I go to Boomer’s to play any of these (if they happen to have them… we even go on trips down the Turnpike to the Service Plazas just to play Ms Pac-Man).
So, totally worth it. And it’ll bring a smile to S’s face. Ahhhh yes.

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