Can I hear that just one more time…?

I ran into an interesting statistic recently. It was sexified on so many levels, that I feel that I have to share it. Even if it’s only to reinforce the fact that everybody already knows: Spaniards rule, the rest of the world, well, they’re okay too. So here it is:
Only about 30 or so people can climb a 5.14d. Out of these, roughly half of them are Spaniards.
Yes, you heard that right. Shake your head, roll your eyes, deny it all you like. When it comes to greatness, it’s just embedded in our DNA. If scientists ever manage to fully dismantle and index human DNA, they will find the amino acid “G” (for Greatness) nestled comfortably in every strand of the Spanish DNA. I can practically hear the spluttering and stuttering of people reading this and saying such things as “ridiculous!”.
And to preempt the comments I’m so sure will crop up on this, the reason the French beat Spain in the World Cup is because they cheated. Flat out. Spaniards have too much integrity to cheat, but the French have no such compunction and full-on took advantage of it. This is not speculation, it’s a fact – ask anyone. This is also why they beat Brazil and will probably beat Portugal. However, Italians don’t mind a little underhanded action, so you can bet that if they get that far, France will have their cheating little hands full. That’s just how they roll.

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