Call of Duty 3: Same old game done wrong.

Okay, the title’s a little harsh. It’s the same old game done… the same old way. That’s not really “wrong”, per se, but it’s nothing new, nothing spectacular, and nothing much to write home about.
In fact, in honor of this surprisingly dull game, I’m going to coin a phrase. Gears of War, my previous review, had a lot of “wonderfully” in it. Wonderfully cool, wonderfully thought out, etc. For Call of Duty 3, I have a new descriptor: wonderdully.
Because Call of Duty 3 has a lot going for it, but ends up being more than a bit wonderdull.
The graphics are improved over 2, but that’s not saying much considering how nice the graphics in Call of Duty 2 were. The sound is equally disorienting and engaging, and very well done but nothing spectacular or different, especially when compared to 2. The gameplay is your standard first person shooter with a few twists, like planting charges and driving around a bit. Nothing special there. The gameplay is fine for a while, but it really offers nothing new or different from most other FPS’s out there or CoD2.
Atmospheric effects, lighting, fog, slightly improved, which is nice. The storyline does the same bouncing around as CoD2, which has its own charm as you battle it out all over Europe. I don’t know. I played it for a few hours, but didn’t have any trouble putting it down. In fact, after a few hours, I kind of wanted to put it down. I was bored. That’s not a good thing from a ‘war’ game, much less an FPS. The game just doesn’t offer anything new or innovative.
Multiplayer might make me change my tune – so I’ll reserve final judgment until I’ve given it a thorough workout.
People will love this game, I’m sure, simply because of the graphics, or because it’s the same ol’ game, or just because they’ll read reviews that will tell them to buy it and after spending $60 on it, they’ll have to love it. Me, I’d rather spend my cash on something worth playing, something innovative. Rent this one, if you must play it, but you won’t miss anything by skipping it. It’s truly wonderdull.

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