Bringing it home to Typo

Typo has long been a nemesis of mine… I’ve attempted installation at least four separate times, and documentation is, at best, pretty limited. After the last attempt, I simply threw up my hands and shelled out some duckets for a Movable Type license.
Movable Type is awfully cool. I like how it does things. I like a lot of its newest features. The interface is good enough for government work, and is nice enough looking, I suppose. All in all, I was very satisfied with it. So why move to Typo?
Well, Typo is a Rails app. And I, as everyone who knows me already knows, am obsessed with learning Rails right now. So getting Rails apps running and looking at the entrails is… appealing to me right now. After all those failed attempts, however, I was starting to lose faith (in a lot of things, not just Typo), but then I stumbled on this article. It’s a fairly well-written wiki that is only useful to people with a technical background. That’s not to say I have a technical background – but I can fake it well enough to stumble through it.
15 minutes later (yes, 15 minutes!) and Typo is humming along nicely. So far, I like its style, I like the way it does things, and I need to run around its innards with rollerskates. Oh yeah, and I need to somehow import all my entries from the MT blog… *groan* I’ll figure it out somehow. 😉

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