So we finally make it out to Adrian’s famous place in the Plaza de Colon, a restaurant that I think may actually be called “Plaza de Colon”, or something so unbelievably similar that all I can think to call it is that.
And the burgers really were special. All things considered, a mighty satisfying burger. Nothing extravagant, nothing that would set off fireworks in your mouth or anything, but certainly above-average and, considering where I am, definitely spectacular. But wait, there’s more…
We got to play a sort of “trivial pursuit” while eating. Talk about a sweet idea. You get each table to write down the answers to a question that is called out to the restaurant, and the winner at the end of 10 rounds gets a free round of drinks or something equally cool.
I know what you’re thinking: they already do that with those cheesy electronic boards at places like BW3 and all that. Yeah, yeah, but it’s not the same. There’s really something about 5 or 6 tables competing while some dude with a british accent reads out the question and you’re eating a hamburger in Spain and chugging down beers that can’t be matched by some electronic device. It’s the old digital-versus-analog thing all over again.
Whatever the case, it was good fun. I like Spanish pubs.
A few bars and a few drinks later, Adrian fulfills the second of his crazy suggestions. We go to play bingo. Yep. Bingo.
Oh, but wait! I’m getting slightly ahead of myself. We went back to the castle and I bouldered that jive sucka with my Galileos on, got some sweet pics (look ‘em up), and even fell on my ass from about 15 feet up (it hurt. A lot.)
Then we went to play bingo. Like any form of gambling, I can see why it’s addicting. I’ll freely admit, though, that it’s not a bad way to spend an hour while drinking and winding down the evening. Maybe not every night, but once in a while, kinda cool.
Tell you what, though. Adrian must get really bored here during the winters to come up with that kind of creative solution to an evening’s events… hah.

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