Been a long time since I’ve rock n’ rolled…

Months and months even.  What’s new? 

Well, my time with Motorola is over and done with.  The economy worsened, times got tougher, Motorola’s management got more and more convoluted, and finally this last man standing did indeed fall.  Such is life, I’m glad I had that opportunity.  Good times, good friends, and lots of experience.  Big corporate has its charm, without a doubt.

Since then, been working on getting another business venture off the ground: Standard Bamboo.  We design and build Green construction.  Standard Bamboo has several pre-engineered and pre-designed lower-cost structures for sale (i.e. the Karma Shade), as well as plenty of neat Green materials, like bamboo fencing and panels.  It’s surprising, once you get into it, how much there is out there that is made from bamboo and sustainable materials.  In general, they may have a slightly higher initial cost, but they’re very durable and they’re all-natural.

I’m into the Green thing, not gonna lie, and this looked like a great opportunity to join the Green community with grace and aplomb.  We’re having fun, we’re designing really interesting stuff, and so far, so good. 

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