Back in the saddle again…

So the migration to Movable Type has been mostly successful. The only shitty thing has reallly been copying over all the entries (which I’m not even done with, thank you very much!) There’s just no import utility between Textpattern and MT, and that brings Textpattern down quite a few notches in my book. In fact, if ever there’s a question as to whether to use Textpattern, I’m going to have to give a big Negative on that one. Not enough flexibility. If I wanted a Microsoft mentality in my products, then that’d be the ticket. I don’t, so it gets a big fat “No Dice.” from me. That’s unfortunate, because it does have some cool features and a nice little interface.
So it’s been almost a month since my last entry, and there’s so much to tell… so much.
But not just now. It’s 6pm, I’m out of dis joint and heading out to do some mischiefing. So more this evening. If I can get to an internet connection. That’s a big ‘if’.

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