Audi TT for sale, Jimbo’s got a CJ now

So, a week after I announce (officially) that I plan on selling the TT in favor of a jeep, Jimbo went and got himself a ’78 CJ7. And what a gangster little ride it is!
There’s a few things that need care, specifically the steering and transfer case, but the body’s in great shape, the tranny is smooth and works well, and overall it was a great deal at $2300. Thing sounds like a boat and tracks like a tank over anything. Way cool.
So congratulations to Jimbo on his new toy, I can’t wait to get mine now. Seeing a guy this weekend about one; maybe it’ll be The One. Then again, maybe not. We’ll see. Not gonna lie, I’m excited to check it out. And if not, I can always steal Jim’s.
And in case you haven’t heard, yes, the TT is for sale. It’s a 225hp Coupe, with Quattro all-wheel-drive. I’m asking $18,000USD for it, and it includes H&R coilover suspension, CPP (AWE Tuning) control arms, APR chip (fully loaded), Stratmosphere HXc diverter valve, short-ram intake, and a Modshack Boost Machine. She’s red with a black top, 17-inch 5-point fatties on the hubs with brand-new rubber. Wanna buy it? Lemme know.

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