And we’re back.

After fighting (literally – my knuckles are bleeding) MT4 for almost a week, I finally stumbled upon the magic combination of setting that would allow the site to publish successfully to the right location, and produce the sweet sweet mental nectar you see before you now. I’m still not totally impressed (or especially happy) with MT4 – I think most people will want to wait on this update. Personally, I kind of wish I hadn’t made the jump. But that’s not how I roll. I actually **like** whippers. Woohoo.
MT4 is slow as hell. Okay, not totally fair – the front end of it seems fast enough. The back end is painfully, painfully slow. I’ve read all about people who are saying “MT4 is actually faster than 3.3”. I call shenanigans on that monkey-business. The backend interface is slower’n molasses oozing uphill in the middle of winter. I’ve driven Hondas that were faster than this (ooooh, buuurn…). It looks nice, though – if they manage to figure out a way to speed it up, it’s got definite potential. I see a lot of styling cues form WordPress, so if you’re riding the fence, you might consider giving WP a whirl first. In terms of performance, WordPress has the definite advantage (as of this writing, that is.)
For my next trick, I’m going to try to figure out how to make MT4 actually look like its supposed to, rather than this ugly, unstyled grossness you’re probably looking at now. Gah. Uncool.

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