An interesting photojournal

I recently ran across an interesting photojournal. Seems this photographer has been riding around on trains and meeting all sorts of interesting people. Some of the shots are really good, some of them are simply okay, but they’re all worth taking a look at. The quality of the shots aside, the subject matter is pretty interesting – I didn’t even know people still rode around on trains, hobo-style. I suppose it makes sense… but for some reason I just always had a preconception in my head that involved… much older people. It’s a culture of dirt and grime, and finding stuff, no doubt.
The only picture I didn’t like at all (because it just seemed gratuitous) is the last one of the possum. The photographer has a couple of these photos in his collection – I recognize the impulse: “Controversy through shocking imagery.” Taking photos of the animal in such a state of disrepair – dismembered as it is – just seems disrespectful. Granted, I have a photo of myself holding a fish I’d just finished spearing, but there’s no photos of the fish half filleted with guts strewn out. It’s a childish photo that brings down the value of the rest of the collection, in my opinion.
Either way, it’s worth taking a look at and flipping through. There really are some excellent photos and images that will definitely impress.

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