Always at the forefront of technology…

Anybody who knows me knows that I like to be at the forefront of the latest bleeding edge technology. Crapper technology. This is the sort of technology that makes me scratch my head and wonder out loud. A compost toilet…? I mean, is this for real?
Research on Wikipedia shows that it is, indeed, the real deal. Well, the concept is, anyway. Maybe it could work – personally I think the whole concept is a bit nasty. It’s not the giant steaming pile of “humanure” (that’s an industry term, by the way), but all the gross flies, gnats, and other winged fauna that make such a pile their home. That’s just not right.
Somehow the proponents of this “green” technology/technique think that it’s perfectly sanitary to do this. All I have to say is: Dark Ages and the Plague. They had shit-pits then, too, and look what it did for ’em. In fact, if I recall, it was the development of indoor plumbing that solved a whole lot of health issues (and I think it’s also one of the basic tenets of civilization, along with literacy.)
This green thing is great, but don’t ask me to live in humanure. I have enough to deal with cleaning up after our crazy skunk.
Still interested, huh? Well, here’s more information.

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