Airsoft guns and accessories from Players First

Players First has been my retailer of choice for some time now. Anybody who has spent more than 5 minutes talking about airsoft could figure that out.  They have amazing selection, their prices are great, the shipping costs are low (being based in the United States helps that), and the customer service is second to none.  All that being said, I started to wonder why PFA (Players First Airsoft, get it?) is such a well-kept secret, known only to the discriminating few who appreciate high-quality airsoft guns, low prices, knowledgeable staff, and the best damn customer service you could ask for. 

I spoke to the folks at Players First to get some insight on it, and really up until now they’ve been very happy with their business.  It allows them to put the player first (hence the name, of course!) and really emphasize customer service.  There was an initiative a few years back to put a strong web presence online and see what happens, but issues with their web development team caused that project to stall and stutter, and basically come to a standstill.  Word of mouth, however, and their almost fanatical customer service have kept their business rolling forward as more and more people know what it’s like to deal with a US airsoft company.  Further conversation, however, revealed even more…

Players First now has a new and exciting online store. What was previously a business built on the phone and through face-to-face interaction, incredible customer service, and unparalleled experience is now also available online.  The Players First airsoft store is still slightly young… it doesn’t contain all the products that are actually available.  However, a quick phone call to the guys at PFA and I guarantee they can get practically anything you could possibly want.  They are just as into airsoft as the next guy, and they’re always getting the newest, latest, and greatest airsoft guns and accessories on the market.  The prices are low, the selection is great, and anything that is available through Players First has been player tested and approved.  If a product sucks, PFA will tell you it sucks and then tell you an alternative that doesn’t.

So check out the new online store, pick up some exciting new airsoft products, or just contact Players First and get the lowdown on what’s up-and-coming.  Their knowledgeable staff really do know all about the newest airsoft guns, and their airsmith staff know everything about keeping your airsoft gun running.  Every problem I’ve had with an airsoft gun has been handily reviewed and resolved by the guys at Players First.  I just can’t recommend them enough, check them out for yourself, today!

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