Aaaaargh! Bruins go down dirty, 5-0

The Boston Bruins go down in Game 7, shut out with a score of 5 to zip.  Zero.  Nada.  Couldn’t even score a single goal against rookie Habs goalie Price.  Tim Thomas made a terrible showing, spending more time laying down than a two dollar whore (that’s two Canadian dollars, mind you…)  Whoever taught him to tend goal should be tarred and feathered.  Sure, he got lucky with a few halfway decent saves, but for the most part he was, as he has always been, a freakin’ sieve.  

Don’t even think about blaming the defense on this one.  I have nothing but respect for the Bruins defense that tried so hard to prevent shots on goal, knowing full well that any shot that came near the goal was probably going to get through Thomas.  I’m not just underwhelmed by Thomas’ performance – I’m straight up disappointed.  I’ve been saying it for years, and I’ll say it again – the Bruins need a real goalie.  The season that the Bruins buck up and get themselves a professional to lock down the net will be the season they take the cup.  If the entire team didn’t have to concentrate on defense I can only imagine the amazing things the offense could accomplish.  The guns are there – I was extremely impressed with the playing of the Bruins offense – but they do need a little more organization and leadership.  It also wouldn’t hurt to get some practice on that inside game the Habs used to tear us up.  If the offense had been more on point, rather than running back and forth all over the ice to help the defense cover up the gaping hole that is Thomas, maybe they would’ve had the energy to put some pucks into the net.  Who knows?  We’ll find out next year, I guess.

The Habs had speed, organization, and pretty good leadership (especially this game, thanks to the return of Saku Koivu to the lineup), and they simply outplayed the Bruins to finish the game with a ridiculous score.  What a thrashing.  I’m amazed and utterly disappointed with the fact that the Bruins just took it.  The Bruins I watched and learned to love during my college years would never have taken that!  Cam Neely alone would’ve started shelling out the hate the moment the score reached 3-0.  Lucic started to get that homicidal gleam in his eye, and the team started to look like they were ready to rough up some froggies, but in the end the didn’t close the deal.  5-0.  Five to freakin’ nothing.  Embarrassing.  And not a single fight.  

Once the Habs fans started singing their song, the gloves should’ve come right off.  “Lemme give you a parting gift, eh?”  

So I’m disappointed, yes, but in general I give kudos to the Bruins for a strong showing, a great fight, and a good series.  They got me back in the game and I’m once again on the Bruins bandwagon.  I can’t wait for next season, and it’s gonna be a good one.

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